Why Join the ISDPA?


Effective representation promoting Dermatology Physician Assistant’s interests to our Physician colleagues.

To inform the public of what the role of Dermatology PAs is to them in the medical community.

The ISDPA will keep you informed of advanced Dermatology and CME opportunities.

Dermatology PA job listings.

Future Benefits

Awards for PA of the Year and Supervising Physician of the Year.

Live chat sessions.

Web-based CMEs.

Membership Categories

A Physician Assistant who practices full or part-time in dermatology and is supervised by a Board Certified Dermatologist.

$25 Member Fee

A Physician Assistant who does not work in dermatology but who wishes to or has a keen interest in dermatology.

$25 Member Fee

Health professionals or individuals employed by government agencies who do not qualify for any other membership category, who have an interest in dermatology and desire to be affiliated with the ISDPA.

$25 Member Fee

A Student enrolled in a CAHA, CAAHEP or successor agency approved PA program, or and AAPA approved program.

$25 Member Fee

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