Midwest Dermatology Conference

Conference Slide Decks

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Hot Topics in Cosmetic Dermatology: Comprehensive Neck and Chest Rejuvenation
by Anne Marie Mahoney, MD  

Great Cases
by David Altman, MD  

Combining Cosmetic Treatments
by Carolyn I. Jacob, MD  

Itch Revisited
by David B. Eilers, MD

Biologics for Psoriasis:Psoriasis Pearls and Perils
by G. Michael Lewitt, MD, FAAD

Rashes Throughout Childhood
by Wendy Kim, DO

Cutaneous Clues of Systemic Disease
by Neill T. Peters, MD

High Risk Medications and Pertinent Labs in Dermatology
by Stephanie Gan, MD

Emerging Infectious Diseases
by Stephen Tyring, MD, PhD

Top 10 Cosmeceuticals
by Anne Marie Mahoney, MD

Common Dermatologic Surgery Mistakes and Corrections
by Ashish Bhatia MD, FAAD and Chris Arico MS, PA-C

Differential Diagnosis of Onychomycosis and Nail Disorders
by Risha Bellomo, MPAS, PA-C

by Anju T. Peters, M.D.

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